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manaslu trekking

Welcome to Manaslu tea house trekking Nepal

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Manaslu trek agency Nepal provide the manaslu trek guide,Manaslu circuit permit,manaslu package cost and manage the trek itinerary in the best season of manaslu tea house trekking. Manaslu trekking, manaslu trek organized by our expert who trekking in manaslu since 1999. Now a days tea house trekking opening in this area, in a low budget you can travel in the manaslu Nepal trekking which is middle between kathmandu and pokhara.
Manaslu trekking agency with best Manaslu trekking guide
Best Manaslu trekking agency specialized Manaslu circuit trekking since 1999 and Manaslu trekking realated about Manaslu trekking permit, budget and best accommodation with Manaslu trekking Guide. Local Manaslu trekking guide detail here. 
Manaslu trekking is the unique Tibetan village trekking and route of the manaslu trekking follows to the upstream of the Buri Gandaki River which is originated from the manaslu base camp and larkya base camp.Manaslu circuit trekking become Popular trekking in Nepal due to the friendly Nepali Tibetan People also Called the Nurbi People. From Namrung to Samdo one can feel Manaslu valley and heavenly views of the Manaslu and other additional jewels’ of the Manaslu ranges.
Manaslu trekking Nepal. Gampul is the junction between Manaslu and Tsum valley. It is coming after walking 1 hours from PHillim.
After 4 days walk from Arughat you can reach this point called Gam pul which is middle between Pewa and Phillim which is Tsum valley and manaslu trek Junction . Larkya pass point out the way of manaslu trekking in this board not next destiation larkya pass from this point takes 6 days to go lakrya pass. 
manaslu trek agency Nepal provide the manaslu trek guide,permit,manaslu package cost and manage the trek itinerary in the best season of manaslu.Manaslu trekking, manaslu trek organized by our expert who trekking in manaslu since 1999. Now a days tea house trekking opening in this area, in a low budget you can travel in the manaslu Nepal trekking which is middle between kathmandu and pokhara. Manslu trekking covert to tea house trekking after opening the Manaslu tea house in the route of the Manaslu trek.manaslu trek best agency organize the manaslu trekking. There are 12 days to 15 days manaslu tailor made trekking itinerary. Manaslu trekking guide give the detail information about the manaslu trekking to organized manaslu trek and find the fixed group to join the manaslu trip details given by the professional manaslu trek agency Nepal.Is there possbile manaslu trek without guide and trekking agency or how to make a manaslu trek permit and hire a guide, this things we will discuss about the Manaslu trek Nepal. Our manaslu trek agency Nepal provide the manaslu trek without Package , just hire guide and pay the service charge to make a restriction permit of the Manaslu trek.
Manaslu trekking one of the Popular restriction  areas trekking Nepal  which is called the small Tibet in Nepal
Best Manalsu trekking Nepal organized by the Manalsu trekking agency. Restriction permit , manaslu  conservation fee, Annapurna Conservation permit , trekking guide are the document of the Manaslu trekking Nepal. 
Manaslu trekking connecting to the Annapurna circuit trek and upper mustang  serially if you like to do this. It is flexible back to Kathmandu and pokhara after crossing the larkya la. So, itinerary will be various according to the lengthen the trekking and join to the another trekking region of Nepal. It is mandatory to take a Annapurna conservation permit  after taking the restriction permit of the manaslu. No needs to Tiims card even you are trekking whole Annapurna after larkya pass, this is policy and rule of the ministry of the Tourism.   If you have longer trekking campaign  in Nepal we advice you explore the three Himalayan neighboring district(Gorkha, Manang and Mustang)  where you find the world famous trekking treasure-Manaslu , Annapurna  and upper mustang. Networking the world famous trekking sport via manaslu trekking Nepal.  One can see many things , cultural activity in the trekking. Not only that upstream of the Bhot khola and their thousand tributary sum up 1800 streams already  when people touch the classical salt trading sport  Larkya Bazzar.
Manaslu trekking Check point of the Jagat SirdibasJagat is the manaslu restriction permit check point.
Manaslu and Tsum valley trek permit check point notice board   at Jagat access within  3 days from Arughat
Facts of the Manaslu trekking
Trekking Name: Manaslu larkya pass or manaslu circuit or Manaslu base camp
Trekking days: 12-15
Transportation: Jeep and Bus
Access: Kathamndu to Arughat or Pokhara to Arughat
Starting point: Arughat  or Gorkha Bazzar
Location: North part of the Annapurna and west of the langtang
End point: Dharapani
Culture: Tibetan
Manaslu trekking Nepal with Manaslu trekkers
Manaslu trekking Nepal with Manaslu trekkers 

Agency: Green city Travel and Tours(p.)Ltd.
P.o.Box: 12597, Cell: +977-9851005685
Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal.
Naba Thapa, local trekking guide of the Manaslu trekking region.
Tsum valley and manaslu trek intersection  point which is middle between Phillim and pewa
18 days Tsum valley and Manaslu trekking itineraryTsum valley permit $25 usd for spring season and manaslu permit $50 usd. In this itinerary there are one day rest in Samagaon(Manaslu section) and due to the short trek distance in tsum valley , low altitude in comparison Nurbi valley. from Chekampar tsum valley to Mu Gomba visit one day  and come back to Nile to stay. similarly Nile to Chumling. After Chumling you can launch in Lokpa and cross the Manaslu Nurbi valley. Samagaon and Samdo is very short days trek itinerary and access within 3 hours so need to rest in Samdo. Most of the trekkers rest in Samagaon because there are Manaslu base camp,Birendra Lake, traditional village etc.
Views of the Manaslu himalaya en route of the Manaslu trekking. From Philim , you can see the Shringi himal and Gnaesh Himal. Manaslu himalayan ranges just you see from the Lho , Show Village. Manaslu trekking i s the paradise on the earth. 
15 days manaslu trek or a 12 day manslu trek or it can be design the itinerary according to the time and fitness.  we can modify and plan as  your wishes, no stress rather multiple flexible. The 15 day manaslu trek itinerary is for those who have sufficient time in Nepal and it creates sufficient time   to explore the manaslu  along with the  off the beaten path  village and culture of this extraordinary area. you  can reach the manslu base camp and continue the loop trek to explore the manaslu hidden village. 15 days manaslu trekking, 12 days Manaslu trekking itinerary we managed flexible way. Itinerary can modified and design many ways. if you wish someone to carry your gear, a porter can be provided $15 usd per day. Manaslu trek have compulsion minimum license holder trekking guide.

Manaslu conservation area office in Phillim manaslu
Headquarters of Manaslu conservation area at Phillim which is headquarters of Manaslu trek areas
15 days Manaslu trekking Itinerary
15 days manaslu trekking itinerary for those who have sufficient time to explore the manaslu village, culture and manaslu base camp. It will be possible to do within 12 days also but if you like to know more relax and flexible we like to suggest you 15 days itinerary. if you back benshisar after finished manaslu trip by jeep 2 days will be save. 
cost of the Manaslu trekking guide for the Manaslu trekking. How to book best Manaslu trekking trekking and best guide of Manaslu
Local Guide of the Manaslu areas will shows the Local Culture and hidden secrets. Formality there are need a Manaslu trekking document but informally, there are need a hidden and fable story. Manaslu trekking one of the culture mysturious due to the blend of the different community. Local Manaslu trekking guide has a license of the Manaslu trekking plus well know the manaslu alternative village where might be unique lifestyle and fictional experience of the life. 
1. Kathmandu to Arughat bu bus
2. Arughat to Lapubenshi
3. Lapubenshi to Khora benshi
4. Khora benshi to Phillim
5. Phillim to Deng
6. Deng to Ghat
7. Ghat to Lho
Manaslu trekking Nepal

8. Lho to samagaon
9. Rest day in the samagaon
10. Samagaon to samdo
11. Explore the samdo, larkya bazzar walk near to the tibetan Bazzar and boarder
12. Samdo to Dharmashala
13. Dharmashala to Larkya pass then down to Bhimtang
14. Bhimtang to Dharapani
15. Dharapani  to Benshiar by Jeep takes 4 hours, then Benshiar to katmandu by bus. 

15 days manaslu  package trip cost =$1050  usd per person. 
Manaslu tea house trek agency Nepal.
Sirdibas village in Manaslu trek areas
12 days  manaslu tea house trekking:
Manaslu trekking  can be do only  12 days. From Arughat to larkya pass then down to the Dharapani then jeep to Benshisar and Kathmandu. this 12 days itinerary of the trip have a 1 rest day in Samagaon where you can day trip to the manaslu base camp, Monastery and manaslu village. To experience manaslu restriction tea house places in short period of the time , this itinerary designed.  Dhaparni is the trekking ending point of the manaslu trekking areas. In the old itinerary, Benshiar was ending point. Due to the latest expanded the road in Annapurna region, this manaslu trip itinerary become shorter.  if you like to further Throng la from Dharpani tea house point, it is your choices. 
Manaslu trekking Village en route of Manaslu trekking

Manaslu trekking permit:
Restriction permit cost $70 per person 7 days(minimum 7 days permit issue)Autumn & $50 usd in Spring season 
Manaslu conservation area fee Rs. 2000 per person.
Annapurna conservation area fee Rs. 2000 NPR per person which is checking after passing the larkya bazaar at Dharapani.  
Package program with guide, food, accommodation cost $ 720 per person. 
Trekking permit  and conservation areas of the manaslu and Annapurna cost $110 usd per person. 
Best Views from Manaslu Trekking
Best Views on the way to Manasu trekking. Actually , lower manaslu areas there are best views of the water falls, River and terrace. Upper part of the Manaslu beginning from Namrung  from where traditional manaslu village plus dreamy manaslu ranges which makes forget the heaven. Manaslu trekking booking by the Green city Travel with the coordination best Manaslu trekking agency.Contact us for the manaslu permit and experience manaslu trekking Guide. 
12 days itinerary of the manaslu trip:
1. Kathmandu to Arughat bus drive then trek to Soti
2. Soti khola to Machhi Khola
3. Machhi Khola to Jagat
4. Jagat to Deng
5. Deng to Namrung
6. Namrung to samagaon
7. rest day in samagaon
Scenic route of Manaslu trekking
Scenic route of the Manaslu trekking Nepal , near Jagat and Salleri 

8. Samagaon to samdo
9. Samdo to Dharmashala
10. Dharmashala to Bhimtang
11.Bhimtang to Dharapani
12. Dharapani to kathmandu. 
Book group Manaslu trekking with Manaslu trekking Agency.
Trekkers in Manaslu trekking Nepal 
Fixed Group departure  date of the  Manaslu trekking:
we have both individual and fixed group departure date for the manaslu trekking Nepal. if you have your own group and time , we can organize that way. estimate the time and itinerary , give the service and advise  as well as organize the trip are our main jobs. "if you become the satisfaction manaslu trekking from your service, we feel that is our motto" Fixed group departure means there are  already fixed group and flexible for the new trekkers if the itinerary and time suitable for them. Individual group departure means  causally meeting the group then organizing the trips to manaslu how they felt suit. 
Manaslu trekking guide will inform you best places to stay and overnight accommodation in the Manaslu trekking.Upstream of the Buri Gandaki River , there are manaslu trekking areas and excellent tea house for the Manaslu trekkers. Banks of the Buri Gandaki River there are manaslu trekking route and there are many tributary of the Manaslu trekking. 
Fixed group departure for the Spring season:
Starting date of the manaslu trekking 15 February   2015, end date of the manaslu trekking 27 feb. 2015.
Starting date of the manaslu trekking 20  February 2015 to end date of the trekking 2 march 2015
Note: we can show the up to date report about the group departure date according to booking. 
Extension of the manaslu trekking
Manaslu and Tsum valley trekking 19 days
manaslu and annapurna circuit trekking 22 days. 
Lapubesi is the one days trek itinerary from Arughat.
water falls and Bridge Near Lapu Benshi
Notice:if you add Tsum valley with Manaslu there is need a Tsum valley permit cost $35 and have to take more days permit of manaslu. For e.g. Just for the manaslu trekking 7-9 days permit will be enough. Just for the Tsum valley also 7 days permit enough. When combination the manaslu trekking with Tsum Valley it is important 12-14 days manaslu trekking permit plus 7 days Tsum valley permit.
Manaslu trekking Updating News and Inquiry
Manaslu base camp at the time of the Manaslu trekking
Near the manaslu base camp Samagaon

  Recent Guest Feed back:3 April 2014

Namaste Naba,
we are leaving Kathmandu this afternoon. Everything went fine. We spent fantastic days together with Sappa around Manaslu. It is a super trekking and we are sure, that it will become very famous in the near future. Many thanks for your assistance!!!! Without your help, we would not have been able to organize this trip in such a short delay.I will do some presentations in Germany about the Manaslu-trekking. I guess you agree, that I mention your name and address and suggest the interested persons to address to you.Once more many thanks, see you again and best regards
Karin + Juergen Kinna (
Manaslu Local village
Manaslu lcoal village with route of the Manaslu trekking. Contact us for more details about Manaslu trekking 
Dear Karin and Juergen, 
Very thanks and sweet memory for your great affection and encouraging mail. Have your nice time and Journey. In my life , your those words and great souvenir. Please it would be so nice to present my Name and address. of course i agree !! Because of you  i can improve my business and life. 
Once again great thanks from my bottom of my hearts  and wish healthy, happy , prosperous life.   see you next time and keep and touch online. 
Best regards,
Naba Thapa
Shidibas Manaslu Village , Manaslu trekking route after Jagat.
Best landscape of manaslu village Shirdibas after Jagat. Jagat is the permit checking place of the Manaslu trekking and this village before Philim and After Jagat. Green City Travel and Tours give best info about the Manaslu trekking with landscape of the best Manaslu trekking route. 
Question From a Trekkers Rafal,
Hi Naba,
Photos looks interesting! What is your propsed itineary and how much it would cost per day? Do you have company in Kathmandu?. If I decide to choose your company how long would take you to organize permitt? Do you have any recomendation?
Manaslu areas Chorten which is worshiped by the Tibetan People. Manaslu one of the cultural heritage trekking Nepal. 
Respected Rafal, 
With in 2 days i mange the permit of the Manaslu. I have been many times manaslu trekking areas as a Guide. Yes, i have a company in kathmandu. I maintain my family Guiding myself seasonal. As manaslu trekking permit not only make company directly  and  it is making by the  immigration there are service charge extra beside  regular fee. Even Guide charge per day $ 30 dollar, It become quite cheap in comapraision the package and sharing the charge with your friend. I always doing manaslu trekking this model. how you feel that. let me know. i also have been Kanchenjunga base camp trek. if you need a email address the people whom i did kanchenjunga and manaslu i will give you. Within 2 days i can make the permit of the Manaslu. 
   Simply you an see my recommendation here:
Glory of the Manaslu trekking
How to get a Manaslu trekking and best trekking areas of the Manslu trekking complete info given by the Kalinchowk Darshan tour agency. Online Manaslu trekking booking by the Manaslu circuit agency. Book best Manaslu trekking Nepal. 
Manaslu is still  have restriction Permit. so  when just hiring a guide, Every company take a extra                 service charge: 
Per person service charge usd $50
Then Guide cost : 30 usd ( Guide cost sharing , per person 15 per day :: if you 2 people::: per person 10 per day if you are 3 people etc. 
Manaslu restriction plus conservation permit: 100 us d per person. 
Manaslu Buri Gandaki River Valley
Manaslu River side made by the Buri Gandaki River in Ghermu Bagar. Manaslu trekking has many up and down side and River makes the valley at the part of the trekking. Both manaslu and Tsum valley has a same route to go Manaslu areas till philim. After Philim there are section to to Tsum valley and Manaslu trekking. Expreince of the Manaslu trekking thrill of the lfie. how to get the manaslu trekking permit to hire manaslu guide, all info given by the Manaslu trekking blog. 
For example:
14 Days trekking Arughat larkya pass Guide and permit  in a group 2 people:
Per person: 360 usd. 
3 people in a group sharing the guide ,permit  cost-  $ 290 usd per person. 
4  people , Guide plus permit cost-255 $ per person. 
if extended the days:
 Guide cost per day-$ 15 usd per person:: if you are  2 people.Guide cost per day per person-$ 10 usd per person :: if you are 3 people.Similarly Guide cost  per person $ 8 per person ::: if you are 4 people. 
Manaslu local People  and traditional life.
Traditional Water Mill at the Manaslu trekking areas. Manaslu trekking has a diffrent life style and unique culture , among them one of this is in the picture. 
sample itinerary. 
Itinerary Starting from Arughat and just larkya pass
1. Kathmandu to Arughat
2. Arughat to lapu benshi
3. Lapubenshi to Doban
4. Doban to phillim
5. Philim to Bi phedi
6. Bi phedi-Lho
7. Lho to samagaon
8. Rest in the samagaon to explore  Base camp,  monastery. 
Manaslu local People
People with Local product (Bamboo Basket) from Manaslu 

9. Samagaon to samdo
10. samdo to Dharmashala
11. Dharmashala to Bhimtang
12. Bhimtang to Surkhe.
13. Surkhe to Jagat or by  jeep to benshishar  or extend  your itinerary to the Throng la. 
14. Benshiar to pokhara or Kathmandu. 
Manaslu trekking areas
Manaslu trekking areas 
Note: if you like to Tsum  Valley one week more time and plus Tsum valley permission. 
Respected rafal, all the best and lets talk in the skype as well as. 
   Naba Thapa
Green City Travel and Tours 
skype: nepalguide3
cell: 00977-9851005685
Manaslu trekking Nepal with the Manaslu base camp organized by the Manaslu trekking guide agency. 
 Question and answers of the manaslu trekking Nepal from Manaslu trekkers
Namaste Naba
I am very interested in doing the Manaslu trek.I have already done 4 treks in Nepal.
Half of Annapurna,Everest Base Camp,Langtang and Heritage trail and indigenous Peoples Trail.
I have read your advise about Manaslu Trek but would like more details.Please give me two costs:
1.You advise 15 days.Could you give me a detailed Package deal  and what would be the cost off we are 4 trekkers.2. What would be the cost if I have only a guide and porters and I pay for my expenses on the trek.What would be our daily expenses on the trek.
hope to hear from you
Manaslu Circuit trekking
Manaslu circuit trekking organized by Kathmandu to Manaslu trekking agency. How to book Manaslu trekking and detail price with itinerary contact us our Manaslu trekking booking agency. Manaslu trekking agency manage permit of trekking. 
Dear Leonard, 
very thanks for the writing and inquiry  about  manaslu trekking. Yes, we organize manaslu trekking package and service . Package , as you know include Guide, food, permit, transporation. service package means transporation , permit, guide,  As manaslu restriction trekking area Guide price is little bit expensive but you can share with friend. if you are 4 people  and service package person:
Permit -110( manaslu rrestriction Manaslu conservation, Annapurna conservation)
permit service charge per person-$50
so, permit cost with service charge=$160 per person. 
 Guide plus porter cost per day per person 12.5 us dollar 
so,  15 days Guide and porter cost per person=$187 usd 
transportation person $40( jeep to Benshiar from Dharapani, Bus to Arughat or sotikhola from Kathmandu)
so , transportation+ permit+ Guide + porter charge per person 15 days =$387 usd ( per person basic upon 4 people , 15 days)= unpackage service
   For the package service for the 15 days itinerary  per person $ 1050 usd. 
Manaslu trekking itinerary
Online Manaslu circuit trekking itinerary cost details by the Manaslu trekking agency. 12 nights 13 days Manaslu trekking including Manaslu trekking permit, food, accommodation in Manaslu areas. 

  Around Rs.  1500 usd to 2000 rupees expenses per day for food, but it is depend upon people. 
Dear Leonard, my home is  in the manaslu region. i been many times this trekking also i have my Guide friend. how about the prices, i think it is ok. Le mt know about that. iam looking your reply. 
Best regards, 
Question from Trekkers Daniel about the manaslu trekking region:
Hi Naba,
I am looking to do the Manaslu circuit &  Tsum valley, starting around the end of February 2014. I was wondering would your company know of & organised a local guide for this trek?  I would like to do this as a tea house trek and won’t require a porter.  I would also like to have the permits organised before I arrive in Nepal by sending through my passport and photo’s. My understanding is that the permits will cost $20+ $7/day and a guide is around $30/day.
What would be your charges for organizing a good registered guide for this trek for me?
At the moment I am travelling by myself, but I want to find some more people to trek with so if you know of any other groups/or single people leaving at this time I would be interested in joining.
Thank you very much for your time.
Manaslu trekking guide for Manaslu best Trekking
Best Manaslu trekking Nepal with local Manaslu trekking guide and Manaslu trekking specialized agency. How to book Manaslu trekking Nepal and easy way to get the Manaslu permit contact us at Green city Travel. 
Dear Daniel, 
Thanks for your message. iam naba, organizer of the trekking. Myself iam guide as well as. Currently iam going to manaslu trekking , just larkya pass not Tsum valley. i come back kathmandu on 30 November.yes, guide charge cost $30 per day manslu permit , Tsum valley permit  plus service charge for the agency all together cost total $200 usd.
  As you know it is restrication area. so, without package service company take a service charge as well as. still it become  more cheaper than packge. i did many times manaslu trekking like that way. Due to the company have to pay the tax to the goverment, company take a service charge.
    You can look my blog of the manslu trekking(
     iam looking forward to your responses. i will send you my current picture of the manaslu trekking after finished my trip on nov. 30. Keep and touch. Any kinds of the question please ask me freely.
Best regards, 
Naba Thapa
Professional Manaslu trekking Guide Naba Thapa at Manaslu trekking areas. Samagaon is the base of the Manaslu trekking areas from there one day hike to the Manalsu base camp for the acclimatization of the Manaslu trekking Nepal. 
Hi Naba,
Thank you very much for getting back to me so quickly.
Can I ask where will the guide come from?  Will they be from local villages of Manaslu or from Kathmandu?
So the total cost would be $200/per person + $30/day for the guide?  and you will organised the permits before I arrive in Kathmandu?
I look forward to seeing your pictures from your November trek.
Thank you
Cost of the Manaslu trekking
Mount Manaslu  8167 m height from sea level. because of the Mount. Manaslu there are Manaslu Circuit trekking. Book online Manalsu circuit trekking with Larkya pass. Tibetan Village Nurbi People are the highlighted People of Manaslu Nurbu Valley. Cost of the Manaslu trekking depends on the itinerary, number of staff and facility. 
Dear Daniel, 
Thanks for your quick reply. yes, Guide is from Manaslu region but they stay in kathmandu for work different trekking region. They liec. from government. 
  For the processing of the permit of the manaslu passport photo copy need and to get the final permit just have to show the original passport. 
      yes, restriction permit  of the manaslu  plus Tsum valley with service charge cost $200 usd per person. 
Best Manaslu tea house Trekking
There is another permit also needed that is called  manaslu conservation area permit and Annapurna area conservation permit . Restriction area permit and conservation area permit are different. Conservation area permit getting easily with low cost , that is making easily with low cost . Each conservation area cost NPR 2000 which is around $20. so two conservation area(Manaslu and Annapurna) cost NPR 4000(Around $40  per person). 
 info about Manaslu trekking season with permit
Manaslu trekking permit with Itinerary and Details about the local life of the Manaslu trekking route.Book Best Manaslu circuit trekking with Green city travel and treks. Manaslu trekking , one of the energetic trekking areas than others.  
so, trekking in manaslu region  require more documentation. After larkya pass, trekkers have to join Annapurna region, there is police check post for the Annapurna conservation area fee(permit). Restrication  and manaslu conservation permit first checking places called Jagat. Then, Namrung manaslu village. Sama gaon is the places where is checking manaslu conservation permit. Finally last check of the restrication area permit of the manaslu is village samdo which is last village of  the manaslu region before larkya pass and near the classical larkya bazzar. 
Manaslu Tsum Valley 

     As you know that manaslu region needed a minimum two people for getting the restriction permit. if only one person, they have to bring another person passport copy  and have to pay the documentation fee which is mention above. any kinds of the updating things about Nepal and manaslu areas  i will mention about you. please ask me any kinds of the confusion. we are practical people who did already manaslu trekking areas as well as other trekking areas of Nepal.
Around Manaslu trekking
Naba Thapa
Manaslu trekking, manaslu trek one of the famous trekking in Nepal which is situated middle between annapurna and langtag trekking territory of  Nepal.  mostly this is starting Arughat Bazzar in Gorkha. Manaslu trekking opened by the government of Nepal in 1991.
Camping trekking highlighted after opened this route in the Manaslu  himalayan region. Manaslu trek lies on the foothills of the Manasiri Himal. mostly the gorges of the Budhigandaki upstream trekking of manaslu following. People who stay around the  budhgandaki called the Nubri. They are contacted the outer world since 1950. From Arughat to the Larkya Bazzar , there are 1800 small and big streams, so local people of the samagaon or samdo said that areas are the 'athara saya khola'. It is famous for the larkya Bhot  and classical salt trading route. now a days because of the expansion of the manaslu expedition , camping trekking, tea house trekking in  manaslu area people are prosperous. 
Lho is the beautiful village in the Manaslu trekking Nepal.
Views of the Manaslu from Manaslu village Gorkha. Manaslu is the best trekking areas in upper Gorkha. 
Manaslu conservation areas established in 1998 for the conservation the areas , sustainable management for the Eco tourism in the whole nubri valley to prosperous the local people economic and life status.Best Manaslu trekking with Manaslu circuit agency. for that contact 
Dharmashala is the highest tea house point in the Manaslu trek Nepal.
Trek form Samdo to Dharmashala

Manaslu also recognized as the Kutang, established its position in the 8th highest mountain in the world. Manaslu means the "mountain of the sprite", which is come from the Sanskrit word Manasa, meaning "intellect" or "soul". Manaslu first climbed by the Japanese team on may 9, 1956 which is leading by the Toshio Imanishi and Gylazen Norbu, members of the Japanese manaslu Expedition.

Lho village at the route of the Manaslu trekking Nepal.
Lho village , The beautiful village in the Manaslu trekking
Trekking in Manaslu needed a Special permit from the Government of Nepal which is cost $10 per day and can  get the minimum one week permit that is $70 per person. Another important document  for the trekking manaslu is Manaslu conservation area permit  , which is got from the trekking agency of Nepal  in a package trip. Only group trekkers get the permit in a minimum criteria  is 2 people and Government liec. holder trekking  guide in Nepal.
Manaslu trekking situated the sirngi Himalayan ranges. since opening the trekking 1991, then there are develop the tourism in the manaslu region in  Nepal. People of the Namrung, Lho, shou, samagaon try to develop and preserve the culture since large number of the tourism. just there are beginning the manaslu tea house trekking after two decade still there are important more infrastructural things prompt  the  tourism in broad way.
Manaslu Adventure trekking

It was the salt trading center from down to the Larkya bazzar or Bhotkhola. From soti khola to the larkya bazzar there are eighteen hundred stream mixing with the Buri Gandaki river. so, people used to say that 'athara saya khola'. In the manaslu trekking for the scenic views Lho village is very popular. In the background of the monastery, it seemed the manaslu, hinchuli very grandeur. Upto the village samagaon , people transportation from the Arughat while from the village samdo, they  things bring from the benshishar via larkya pass. In Nepal people have different principle for the trekking such as holiday, celebration the honeymoon in Nepal, Vacation , cultural prospective. In the case of the manaslu trekking you can  trek both honeymoon and holiday point of the views.
Manaslu local People

Manaslu is known in the Tibetan language as "kutan I", in which "tang" means the Tibetan word for a flat place. It is a very large peak with an elevation of 8, 156 meters which is world's eighth highest mountain. In a view of its favorable  topography of long ridges and glacial valleys, Manaslu offers several routes t the mountaineers. Important peaks surrounding Manaslu include Ngadi Chuli, Himalchuli and Baudha. A glacial saddle known as Larkya La, with an elevation of 5, 213 metres, lies across the Nepal-Tibet boarder. The peak bounded on the east by the Ganesh Himal and Buri Gandaki River gorge, on the west by the deep fissures of the Maryasyanngdi Khola with its Annapurna ranges of Hills , to the south is the Gorkha town at the foot of the Hill. There are six established trek routes to the peak, and on the mountain the south face is reportedly the most difficult for climbing.
Jagat Manaslu tea house point

The manaslu region offers a variety of trekking option. The manaslu circuit trek now usually starts in Arughat Bazzar and ends two  to three weeks later in Besisaahar, the starting point of the Annapurna circuit trek. Until recently the trek used require camping, but build of tea –houses means the trek can be completed using local accommodation. The trek require a restricted area permit  of $70 per week and the trekkers travel in a group two with a registered guide. The trek lies on the newly developed great Himalaya trail.
Manaslu trekking Tour
The trail follows an ancient salt-trading route along the steep sided Budhi Gandaki river. From  Deng, the slopes of ravines ease and views of snow peaks start appearing from Ligaon. Further from Lhogaon, an impressive view of manaslu, with its double peak, appears described as “a soaring monarch with a double-edged summit towering above fields of barely.
Cost of Manaslu trekking

  The route follows the pine-forested Syala village, which has the backdrop of many horseshoe-shaped peaks, and reaches the village of Samagaon(sama) at the foot of Manaslu. There is a Buddhist monastery at Samagaon, where monks and nuns reside. After half a day’s trek from Samagaon, the village of samdo is reached . Samdo is the highest village in the Budhi Gandaki valley and is inhabited by Bhotias. This village commands a view of the valley and pang phuchi village with a backdrop of the Tibetan boarder. Further trekking leads along a major secondary valley to the Larkha La. Along this route, Cheo Himal Himlung Himal and Kang Guru are seen, along with occasional views of the Annapurna massif. From here, the meadowland of Bimtanng at visible. From Manaslu, the circuit passes through Dudh Khola, criss-crosses Marsyangdi River before reaching Bhubule, Tarukha Ghat, crosses the chepe Khola and Dorandi Khola before returning to Gorkha.
Manaslu trekking expenses

Two alternative routes are also popular. One  is on the Annapurna trail but leaves it at Dharapani to reach Manang, crossing Thorong La and Jomsom(Kali Gandaki vlley). From Jomsom flights depart to pokhara. The other alternative route is from Bhubule, crossing Marsyangdi to Khudi, divert from Annapurna trail and trek cross country through valleys and ridges to sisuwa town on the bank of Begns Tal. From here a road approach is available to Pokhara.
Views of the Mountain Manaslu with background hills. 
When trekking through the manaslu region, ten peaks of over 6500 meters in height are visible, including peaks of over 7000 metres. People add Tsum valley and Ganesh Himal Base camp as acclimatization trips before going on expeditions through the high passes. The Tsum region, which restricted for tourists fro a long time, is now the center of attraction for intrepid trekkers , with the government of Nepal recently opening it for group tourists. In order to retain its pristine culture and  sustain its fragile ecosystem, the Tsum welfare committee is involved in the promotion of responsible tourism in Tsum . However , local participation for sustainable tourism is still a challenging task with long road ahead.
Best Manaslu trekking Nepal

Manaslu trekking and first experience
When i was child i used to see mount. Manaslu from our houses, school and field. Many camping trekkers with big groups i frequently saw , heading to the manaslu and larkya pass. most of the times they camp in our school lawns in gorkha. we knowly and unknowly greeting them with joint  palm and announced  "namaste" and eager to speak English with them. our village Nareshwor, just reached from kathmandu within 6 hours and 1 and half hours walking from the gorkha bus station. In my knowing , Bindhayabasinee school ground is still first camp to go rupi na la and manaslu larkya pass trekking.
Trekking in Manaslu Nepal with best manaslu trekking agency 

I see manaslu different parts of the Gurkha district with different angles. I profound more when i see the manaslu and other mountain from a khoplang Bazzar, because i was there first time and seemed different manaslu Himalayan landscape. From Liglig kot Aappipal to the siranchok  i observe the manaslu areas landscape and concentration the mount manaslu, Himalchuli, boudha Himal, Ganesh himal. Similarly, i got chance from a Bhacheck Bazzar gorkha and sirandanda to see the way  of the dudth pokhari and manaslu Himal. I feel surprise local people of the sirandanda village have a said chuchure himal to the Mount. Manaslu.
Awesome manaslu trekking
Varieties of things in Manaslu trekking 
In 2010, i been to the village barkpak it took two days from the Nareshwor village.Before i go Barpak village gorkha, i used to heard many stories about this. some people told that  it is the bigger than the gorkha administrative market. In the School quiz programmae, there are show the photo of the soldiers, i didn't know the name of him but one boy from the same village give correct answers to say 'Gaje Ghale'-a winner of the Victoria cross and awarded by the queen Elizabeth. Since then i know more Barpak located the  manaslu village  and en route to  rupi na la pass and laprak village Nepal. I thought manaslu himal is located in the barpak village but that was not true. From there it took 3-4 days  to reach the samagaon ,base of the  manaslu. When we been in the Barpak manaslu Nepal, there are huge village with stone roof. Many gorkha soldiers every year selected from the same village and that help to upgrading the economy and status of the local people.

trekking manasu trekking

we stay village mandre, just half an hour down to barpak then heading up to the barpak then take a tea and coffee then heading up to larprak. After walking 2 hours  from barkpak home stay village, we  reached to the ridge of the hills and  there was little snow and visible very clearly ganesh himal, boudha himal, sirngi himal, manaslu himal and left parts of the manaslu some ranges of the annapurna visible. Then getting down to the laprak village in the evening. then we heading to the singla after this down to the Machikhola, junction of the manalsu trekking. We stay one day lapu village then walk two hours to the Arkhet, then bus to the gorkha bazzar. we observe the gorkha palace-which is old capital of Nepal and king was migrated more than 100 years ago kathmandu at the time of the campaign of unified Nepal. Gorakh Nath temple, Kalika temple, gorkha temple with the scenic views of the manaslu in the northern site of the Gurkha 
Photos of the Manaslu trekking Scenery.
Beautiful manaslu peak, from the Manaslu trekking route

Exciting picture of the Manaslu trekkers at the route of the Manaslu trek
Trekker excited in the Manaslu trekking Nepal. 
Even i involve in the tourism in 1998, i have not been in larkya pass and whole manaslu circuit trekking. Just i read that and see the map to figure out the itinerary and concept. Many times i read the published  article in the internet about the mount. manaslu, Manaslu base camp and expedition. I also see and heard many guest dealing manager , diffident trekking agency in Kathmandu give information only depend upon the map and books not real experience.  In my experience even i give the itinerary and some description i was felt unsatisfied before travelling and trekking concerning trekking.I was dream about the manaslu trek and like to do self travelling to clear my concept and real feeling about that. Even i thinking 8-9 years , time didn't favors me. sometimes some day 'encounterly things grabbed'. This coincident happen in 2012 november, and trekking with two american friends. In this way, time give me chance after 9 years to go larkya pass manaslu trekking Nepal.
Naba Thapa, Manaslu trek guide at the Show Village manaslu trek Nepal
Naba Thapa, Manaslu trek guide at the Show Village manaslu trek Nepal. 
life stayle of the Nubri people changing very much then before. Medicinal plants, potatoes, husbandry and tourism are main sources of the income to the people of the manslu valley. Huge number of the local people got job at the time of the manaslu expedition at samagaon. Now a days traffic touristic at the seasonal time of the  trekking . tourism impact of the local people life in manaslu and nubri valley.
Larkya pass Manaslu trekking
Larkya pass Manaslu trekking 

Our itinerary of the manaslu trekking Nepal

Day 1. Kathmandu to  Arughat by bus:
we start our journey to Arughat which is boarder of the gorkha and Dhading district of Nepal. we went late in the bus station ,so we coudnot get a seat. then we decide to go even standing in the buses. we see more people are local , many of them are from the village of the manaslu trekking such as kerouja, taopani, ouiya etc. Bus stop in the local tea shop, we took dhal bhat and tea then continuous to the Arughat. we reached 3 pm and looking for the hotel. There are two manaslu hotel , one is another site of the river , other is our bus parking places. we stayed in the Hotel manaslu, there are expensive room prices but food and accommodation are good. we meet camping group in the same hotel lawns. Even there are two people there was well organized and many sherpa, cook porter. we meet two girls they are from france, they have no guide and porter, but they got the permit like a same prices hiring guide and company benefit. They said , they like to independent in their itinerary, no like a bondage and scheduled itinerary. They said , they are already in the annapurna trekking and like to manaslu explore the manaslu orginal and tibetal culture in nubri areas. we enjoyed the local drinks and talking about the life and times of the my experience.
Tatopani one the way to Manaslu

Day 2: Arughat to Lapubenshi: we started our journey at 8 o clock morning. There are many curiosity about the way of the manslu trekking. Mostly we were more enthusiastic to see the samagaon and manaslu base camp. we reach the arkhet within 2 hours after that we took the launch in soti khola. then 2 hours to the lapubenshi. we stay the tea house in the lapubenshi, study the book, reading, and preparation for the tomorrow.
Day 3.Lapubenshi to Dhulodhunga : I was still familar this itinerary to the Machikhola, 3 years before i had been in Barpak, simla vdc and down to the machikhola, then back to the arughat. i remember the fish eating places Khani benshi,and Machikhola.we further walk to the Tatopani , that took us 2 hours from machikhola. Again 2 hours to reach in the dhuldhunga. we decided one day staying there. after walking 15 minutes from Tatopani , we crossed the Buri gandaki River.
Manaslu trekking Map
Manaslu Road Map 

Day 4. Dhulo Dhunga to Phillim:From dhuldhunga we climb slightly to the yarphuphanta, then again crossing one bridge before reaching the Jagat , where is checking the manaslu conservation area permit and restriction permit. we again crossing the bridge  to reach the sirdibas from there took 40 minutes to access to another bridge between philim and sirdibas. In philim village we stay the lodge philim guest house.
12 days manaslu trekking itinerary
12 days Manaslu trekking fit for the average trekkers. Book 11 nights 12 days manaslu trekking package with the manaslu trekking permit, Guide, Food and accommodation.  

Day 5. Phillim to Bhimphedhi : From Philim we reached the biphedi. there is a  Tsum valley road section after walking 1 hours from there. then again crossing one bridge . Before dheng village we crossed 2 bridge , we rest some hours in the village dheng , then moving 2 hours more Biphedi. there is only 2 lodges.

Day 6. Biphedi to the Namrung: we eat launch in the Namrung after walking 3 hours. even reach 2 pm in the Namrung we decided to stay in the Namrung which is permit checking point of the Manaslu again by the Nepal police.
Suspension Bridge in Manaslu
Suspension Bridge Manaslu trekking areas 

Day 7. Namrung to samagoan: It take 4 hours to reach samagaon. At the begining there are some up but not difficult then we visit the village lho. Near the monastery of the lho there are hotel and nice tibetan village , and lap of  that very imaginative views of the manaslu , hinchuli and other mountains , seemed very beautiful. we take a launch at the Lho enjoy the views and good rest. then slightly up to the shou village one hours before to the sama gaon. we reached in good time in samagaon at the base of the mount manaslu.
Manaslu trekking route
Manaslu and Tsum valley trekking route point at Near pewa. Down road is on the way to go Manaslu trekking and upper parts the way for Tsum valley trekking. for more inquiry about the way and trail route condition contact us . 

Day 8. Rest day in the Manaslu: we rest in the  samagaon village in manaslu then visit the Birendra Lake, base camp  of the manaslu  and gomba. actually this village very scenic due to the traditional Nepalese life and culture.

Day 9. Samagaon to Samdo: samagaon to samdo took a 2 hours slowly. we rest for the adapt the body in the high altitude  and preparation for the larkya pass. from samdo to the Dharmashal just 2 hours but better to rest in the  samdo.
Day 10. samdo to the Dharmashala: at first the way is difficult , but later it is easier. early reaching in the dharmashala and talking, rest , drinking.
Manaslu trekking road map
Tsum Valley Larkya pass route one the way to Manaslu trekking 

Day 11. Dharmashal to the Bhimtang: It is long days walking and some narrow slippery down however it is a challenging days and mission of the larkya pass. from the pass very nice hidden himalays and beautiful side of the annapurna and Manaslu ranges can visible.Bhimtang seemed more expert tea house building and quality service  for the bed. Before down the village , from the up it seemed very beautiful. Also manau surrounded mountain  and lakes. It is no doubt anybody who are trekkers of the annapurna cirucit , same permit can visit the Bhimtang from dharapani. It is equally beautiful like a Annapurna base can and poon hills Nepal trek.
Manslu tea house Phillim
Manaslu tea house Phillim 

Day 12. Bhimtang to the Dharapani: It took a full days and mostly down  through the forest. Yak kharka tea house then down there are very nice cottage of the  tea houses , good camping and tea house side. this section very beautiful.(End of the manaslu trekking)

Due to the road from Dharapni to Benshishar, we decided to go up to the Throng la. we some time become ambitious and decided one more pass in the same manslu trip.Manaslu trekking, manaslu base camp trekking, manaslu circuit trekking are the same Name of the manaslu trek Nepal.

Manaslu trekking Itinerary

There are many way customize the itinerary also can change the starting point of the manaslu trekking

manaslu trek permit cost

Cost of the permit for the manaslu trekking $70 usd per week then $10 usd per day. Permit is counting from the Jagat, not before from there. so, better to calculate the days entering the Jagat.

Manaslu trekking without Guide

Manaslu trekking without guide is possible but there are facing many dealing in the office to on the way  trip. some time conservation area checking post phone the company who make your permit. some times police man dealing with you. According to the law, there are no any rights but local people of the manaslu areas pressure the government no restriction area more. They like to more visitor and trekking in their home town.
Best of Manaslu trekking

Lower part of the manaslu there are home stay facility  in the regualr route of  the Manaslu near the rupinala entering section. such as Nareshwor village, Baluwa, Barpak, Laprak, singla. you can home stay and swimming the Dharudhi river which is from the mount. manaslu. Manaslu trekking areas have a multiple ethnic village tour option to explore the historical  Gorkha. Manaslu trekking can extend to the Annapurna circuit if you like then fly to pokhara from jomsom. It is very flexible itinerary of the manaslu trekking where you can join with the Tsum valley , which will takes further one week.
Manaslu trekking info and trail  by the Manaslu trekking Guide 
Reviews of Manaslu trekking:
In October 2012, we did the manaslu trekking from a Mountain Air Guided adventures(p)ltd. It is very amazing trekking in Nepal. we dream to see the mini tibet in Nepal Tibet boarder in Manaslu gorkha. Larkya pass was our first target to go manaslu trekking. we heard Annapurna trekking is disturbed by the jeep and construction and many friends whom i meet they suggest us manaslu trekking. we were very fear that expensive restriction permit of the manaslu but our guide and manaslu trekking organizer Mr. Naba Thapa makes us easy for us. Mr. Naba, made a  restriction permit  for us from a immigration office in Nepal which is situated in kalikasthan kathmandu. It took 2 days to make a manaslu restriction permit. we just payed to the mountian Air Adventures service charge to make a document of the manaslu then we hire a Guide. we paid $500 usd for 20 days trekking Guide in restriction manaslu.
dreamy Manaslu trekking Nepal
In the comparison of the package tour it is very cheap. In the package , it cost  $1100 usd  , every company of the thamel, kathmandu. but we are two people just we paid $250 each. we make permit for 10  days cost $100 usd, then manaslu and annapurna conservation fee Rs. 2000 each. we amuse the views from Lho village of the Manaslu. similarly, vilage samagaon and samdo are very highlighted for the tibetan cultures. we know classical salt trading route to  the tibet and Larkya Bazzar. we feel very amuse to pass the larkya pass, actually it was not togh to climb up even moraine , and sleepry 2 hours from the larkya pass. Awesome Bhimtang village, from where excellent to see the hidden himalayas and manaslu north faces. we never forget  this trip, next time we planning to come for kanchenjunga trip in Nepal. we recommended very much manaslu trip to the Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)ltd and mr. Naba. see you next time in Nepal
 Alex and crystal
from Alaska, USA
manaslu trekking guide

Hello Naba,

Namaste. Two friends and I will be visiting Nepal 19-31 March 2014 and would like to trek the Manaslu Circuit. I would like to have a local guide and I read from your blog that you are from Manaslu region. Will you be available to guide us in this trek? 
Could you also let me have the costs for guide fee and permits?
Is there porter available and cost?
Best wishes,
Hire Manaslu trekking Guide with Green City Travel
Hire Manaslu trekking Guide with Green City Travel 

Dear Youmen, 
Thank you for inquire with me about manaslu trekking. I stay in kathmandu and work in manaslu region as a guide when i got trip. I hope i got chances to serve you by our hospitality. I have my own agency in kathmandu Nepal.  I suggest you package trip which included Guide, porter, food, permit. For the 15 days trip Full board package just $950 usd per person(if you are 3 people). if you hire one Guide and porter and permits of the manaslu it cost $450 per person(if you are 3 people) 
Manaslu trekking Guide

Include the package: 
1. Breakfast, launch, Diiner accommodation ,Tea and coffee
2. Bus to the  Arughat(trekking starting point)
3. Benshisar to Kathmandu by bus. 
4. Pick up and drop service from Airport. 
5. 2 night accommodation in Kathmandu. 
6. Government liec. holder trekking guide and one porter. 
Excludes the package
 Wine, bottle water, personal expenses, deserts, cola., tips for field staff. 
Manaslu guide trek

   if you just hire Guide it cost $30 usd per day and porter cost $20 per day. 
so, for the 15 days Guide cost $450, porter cost =$300 usd. 
permit cost per person $200per person with service charge. 

so, $750(Guided and porter cost 15 days) divided by 3 people, it cost $250 per person. if add 200 permit charge, it will $450 per person for the 15 days trip. 
   Dear youwen, keep and touch and please ask me every kinds of the question about manaslu trip. You are always here our places. 

Best regards, 
Naba thapa
Manaslu region, Gorkha
Manaslu terrace Valley
Manaslu terrace valley 

From Kathmandu to Arughat there are regular morning bus. It take 7 to 9 hours according to the condition of the road. we can provide Jeep, Landcuriser and four wheel vehicle for your comfort journey to manaslu trial starting point. After finished trekking manaslu from Dharapani you can ride jeep to Benshiar, there are frequently jeep service starting from morning to Afternoon. 
Best of the Manaslu trekking 
 Manaslu trekking route:
 For the manaslu trekking route there are many option. You can start this trekking from Arughat or from Gorkha Bazzar. 
Manaslu trekking season:
Autman and Spring  September to end of November are the big season for the manaslu trekking, it is no doubt big season for manaslu trekking Nepal. Then after winter or middle of the March to May are the other great season for the manaslu trek Nepal. In winter ,almost no possible for this trekking but rainy season Jun , July , August possible even more rain.
Manaslu world heritage sites
Manaslu tea house trekking with Old heritage stie of Manaslu 
News of the Manaslu trekking
23 June, Gorkhabazaar : The Manaslu trekking route that was obstructed due to numerous landslides at different points following the Gorkha Earthquake has been opened from today.
The trekking route was brought into operation after the removal of the landslide debris from Aarught to Philim of Sirdibas VDC. The Nepalese Army Bhairabi Dal Battalion, Gorkha, and the Armed Police Force’s Gorkha Company cleared the rubble and brought the route into use.
The District Natural Disaster Rescue Committee had deployed the Nepalese Army and the Armed Police for the same. It took around one month to resume the trekking route. RSS
GORKHA: The popular Manaslu trekking route in Gorkha, which has remained blocked since the massive earthquake struck Nepal on April 25 last year, will now open for tourists before the Dashain festival.
Manaslu circuit trekking booking

The District Development Committee (DDC) informed a technical team, comprising District Technical Office engineer Lal Bahadur Gurung and members of the Political Consultation Committee, has been dispatched to reopen the route from Seti area of Thumi to Sardibas VDC before Nepal’s biggest festival starts.
“We have allocated Rs 5 million for reopening the trek route,” said DDC Planning and Administrative Official Satish Kumar Bhattarai adding, “We will use local manual workers to open the route soon.introduce you the home stay around manaslu areas. 
Best of Manaslu trekking Nepal booking

   In manaslu trekking areas there are many home stay facility.  we give you the real picture than staying in hotel. Manaslu home stay trekking facility  both upper and lower manaslu areas. book a manaslu home stay trekking. 

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