lower to upper manaslu trek

lower to Upper Manaslu trekking

Lower manaslu trek: Around gorkha palace, Barpak village, Siribas, laprak, sinja, Machhikhola, khorla benshi
Upper manaslu trekking beginning from Jagat , which is permit checking place for the upper manaslu or gorkha.
Lower manaslu to upper manaslu trek starts from old capital city prehistorical city Gurkha, Gorkkhanath temple, Kalika temple, Royal Palace you can  observe lower to upper manaslu trekking. There are interesting itinerary from lower manaslu to upper manaslu trekking Nepal. from lower manaslu trekking you can see the views of the mount. manaslu, then you see the place and destination where your re going. Both from your mental camera and real camera you can analyzing the Scenery of the mount. manaslu region and 8th highest mountain on the planet.
                   Lower manaslu trekking has facility roads, networking, internet and good facility. this is limited only the district headquarters of the Gorkha. Looming the Gorkha palace we visualize from the Gorkha bus station. From the Gorkha Palace you see the manaslu, Annpaurna Ganesh himal ranges  on the horizon. Actually benyond the Himalaya ranges local people still thinking there is tibet, but you are going to beyond that manaslu himal where is Lho, shyla, smagaon, samdo.
                You beginning to imagine you are going to behind  the high walls, do you know this  air distance is 40 km. actually lower manaslu is the route of the upper manslu trekkers who are coming  the district headquarters to sell their medicine product.
On of the hotel lodge of the smagaon said that Near the Gorkha palace we can relocated  our village  due to the Manaslu Himal. Due to the less competition there people are even good nature no train for the hospitality.  After crossing the larkya la you  feel more overconfidence than before. Repataion and did a course of the manaslu creating the the capacity of the leadership for the manaslu trekking. for that you have to know the root. Lower manaslu is the root of the upper manaslu. so, to know the wide knowledge about manaslu areas it is better to been in the lower manaslu areas. then comparative  or analysis  power of the Manaslu trekking areas automatically increased.
Dhauradhi river, upstream of the river after down from the historical city via nareshower home stay. Dharahdhi river is from the Boudha and himchuli himal.
lower to upper manaslu make the expert to the trekkers so, it is very important cultural background and still caste system practice in the lower manaslu areas.

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