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Trekking season in manaslu trekking region 

When to trek in manaslu or what is the best season for the manaslu trekking. Most of the trekkers blog and trekking agency have same answers that Autumn and spring is the best season for the manaslu trekking. In the case of ability of the larka la, people can pass in summer season. In the winter season local people of the samdo also cannot pass the larkya la they coming down all the way to Arughat and transport the things from that route. In the spring middle of the march manaslu trekking season starting while in the case of the Autumn end of the august till november there is the high season of the manaslu trekking. 
Trekking season of the manaslu areas
In Autumn :August, September, October, November
In Spring: February, march, April

In the winter , there are more snow in larkya pass and very slippery. we recommendation trekking up to the middle of the December in the winter  if there is no more snow.  From middle of the december to January and middle of the February is very cold. After samdo there are tea house places called Dharmashala. They will descend and close the hotel at end of the November because of the less tourist and snow. 
In May, june, july and January we recommendation to do the lower Manaslu trekking

From the fifteen of the November there are less people trekking in manaslu region . main peak season beginning from middle of the September to middle of the November. In the case of the spring season , number of the trekkers increasing  from middle of the march to June. 
Trip after crossing larkya la , it is more steeply so local people from the Manaslu trekking region transportation the things from Arughat. 

Manaslu trekking in September:
September is the beginning season for the trekking manaslu. Sky is opening, and most of the festival of Nepal beginning. Atmosphere is very pleasant in every Nepalese courtyard there are flowers, greenly so, trekking in manaslu in September very fantastic. .

 Trekking in Manalsu in October: October is the middle of the high season in the manaslu trekking areas. we see big volume of the trekkers in October at the manaslu trekking areas. completely rain stopping, harvesting the paddy, orange tree seems the very attractive. from the beginning to ending point of the manaslu trekks areas become more attractive because of the colorful dress of the trekkers.

 Manaslu trekking in November:  November is the peak season for the manaslu trekking. Larkya pass possible till end of the November. After November , local  People in samdo and samagaon  use the route of Arughat instead of the larkya pass and Dharapani becasue too much snow both side of the lark ya pass. Lower manaslu people are harvesting the paddy and upper manaslu seems more beautiful blue sky above the manaslu paining with clouds.
if you not pass the larkya la , just want ot visit samdo and samagaon manaslu trekking you can do any times or season on the year. 

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