Faq about Manaslu trekkking

Faq about the manaslu trekking

Faq  about Manaslu trekking

Why Manaslu trekking?

  • Manaslu is the eastern site of the Annapurna circuit trek and after finished the manaslu trek meeting point is Dharapani(Annapurna circuit section).
  • Now a days Manaslu trekking have facility Tea houses like a other Trekking areas of Nepal, so need a expensive Camping style treks. 
  • Around Manaslu trekking has Unique Tibetan people, so they said it is the Mini tibet in Nepal. so manaslu trekking is very wothful this time. 
  • Same manaslu trek permit has authorities the trekking annapurna circuit trek if you have time. in this reason also Manaslu trekking very popular. 
  • Most of the part of the Annapurna trail disturb by the jeep but no Manaslu areas disturb by the Jeep. 
  • There are facility only hiring a Guide Manaslu trek and permit can issue by Paying the service Charge. In this reason also popularity of the manaslu trekking increases. 
There are many other reason  about the popularity the Manaslu trekking. You are welcome for making a itinerary,style of doing the Manaslu trekking. 

Can i do the camping trekking in manaslu region?
-Yes , it is also camping trekking if you like to stay in the tent and hiring manaslu trekking cook, porter, food etc.

How safe Manaslu trekking after the earthquake in Nepal?
-some parts of the route of the manaslu is changing because of the crack the road. It is not following through Lapu benshi, Machhikhola, Tatopani this days. From the sotikhola have to crossing Buri
gandaki then route of the manaslu again meet in the original route Doban. In our recent survey , Manaslu trekking is safer , even some houses broken. Samagaon is the most save village from the earthquake in Nepal.

How difficult the manaslu trekking?

manaslu trekking is the average trekking route it is aerial part in the pass.After pass of the manaslu, It is some steepy. otherwise most of the route are normal in the manaslu trekking.
-Is there any age limit trekking in Manaslu areas?
It need a normal health condition and physical fitness about the trekking in manaslu. From 14 to 78 years age can do this trekking. Day by day there will be the acclimatization , low height at the time of the starting. You gain and can digest more altitude.

What kind of the trekking permit required for manaslu trekking?
Where we eat  meal in the Annapurna areas?
Is there any communication while we are in manaslu trekking?
What kind of the accommodation in the manaslu trekking?

How much money i took in the manaslu trekking?
Is there internet cafe in the manaslu trekking
What kind of the shoes  and clothes we were in manaslu trekking?
What is the manaslu tea house trekking?
What is manaslu camping trekking?

What is the side trip of the manaslu trekking?
Prok village, Lho village and samgaon village have excellent site trip of the manaslu trekking.

What is the cost of the manaslu trekking?

Cost of the 12 , 14 , 15 days cot are different.
What is the best itinerary about manaslu trekking?
15 days itinerary is best for the manaslu trekking.
what is the food in the manaslu trekking?
How difficult manaslu and larkya pass trekking?
It will be easy manaslu larkya pass if you have time for acclimatization. Generally there are better to rest two point in the manaslu areas. It is recommended rest in the Samagaon for discover the manaslu and village then another rest day at the samdo village is is near to tibet ,ancient salt trading bazzar.
What is the food of the manaslu trekking?
Manaslu trekking this time developing , there are Nepalese food and improving the foreign food.
What kinds of the permit need for the manaslu trekking?
MCAP,ACAP, Manaslu restrication ticket is the permit of the manaslu trekking.
Can i go manaslu trekking alone?
Manaslu trekking just permiteed with at least 2 people in a group size.

Can i join the group for the manaslu trekking?
we can serching for the group if you are alone but like to do manaslu trekking.
What is the best things for the manaslu trekking?
March to June and september to octomber are the best time for the Manaslu trekking
Is iManaslu trekking is the small Tibet in Nepal ?
all people are down from the tibet, it is near to the boarder of Nepal and Tibet.
why manaslu tea house become popular this time?
It is facility of the tea house and accommodation, so no need to carry tent, food. after larkya la mix the annapurna region. so, manaslu trekking is popular as the tea house trekking.

What is the best season for the manaslu trekking?
Spring and Autumn are the best season for the manaslu areas trekking. most of the trekkers in the world like two season mostly to trek the manaslu areas Nepal. In the spring, from middle of the march  to June manaslu trekking running. In the Autumn from September to end of the November are the best season in the manaslu trekking.

Manaslu trekking in September:
September is the beginning season for the trekking manaslu. Sky is opening, and most of the festival of Nepal beginning. Atmosphere is very pleasant in every Nepalese courtyard there are flowers, greenly so, trekking in manaslu in September very fantastic. .

 Trekking in Manalsu in October: October is the middle of the high season in the manaslu trekking areas. we see big volume of the trekkers in October at the manaslu trekking areas. completely rain stopping, harvesting the paddy, orange tree seems the very attractive. from the beginning to ending point of the manaslu trekks areas become more attractive because of the colorful dress of the trekkers.

 Manaslu trekking in November:  November is the peak season for the manaslu trekking. Larkya pass possible till end of the November. After November , local  People in samdo and samagaon  use the route of Arughat instead of the larkya pass and Dharapani becasue too much snow both side of the lark ya pass. Lower manaslu people are harvesting the paddy and upper manaslu seems more beautiful blue sky above the manaslu paining with clouds.
Is there internet facility in manaslu trek?
Begining point of the manaslu trekking Arughat have internet facility. similarly Samagaon  which is base of manaslu trekking have lots of internet facility in every lodges.
Faq from the our customer:
Me and my wife (we are French) would like to trek the Manaslu Circuit starting from 1 November (+-8days)
and I have some questions about this trek
Is it possible in lodges ?
Is it possible to do without a guide ?
Is it possible in November ? in December ?
How much a guide for 12 days ?
How much a porter ?
How much for permit and fees per person ?
How much a night in lodge ?
Thank you for your help
Best regards 
Dear Bernard,
Thank for inquiry about the manaslu trekking. You are welcome to trekking in Manaslu, we make the good itinerary for you. i am now try to give answers in the point below.
Is it possible in lodges ?
manaslu trekking have possible to lodges. because of the lodges or tea house trekking this days manaslu trekking  become very popular. 
Is it possible to do without a guide ?

I see some trekekrs do trekking but police man back them  and phone to the agency who make the permit as well as ask to send the guide. so, it is difficult or no possible manaslu trek without a guide.
Is it possible in November ? in December ?
Manaslu trekking possible up to end of the November at least first up to  7 december possible to trek manaslu.
How much a guide for 12 days ?
Guide cost for the 12 days $360 usd. this money include Guide, food, accommodation and his salary.
How much a porter ?
for the Manaslu trekking porter cost 18 to 20 usd  per day. actually porter has difficult job , it is wonderful still less salary.
How much for permit and fees per person ?
There are three types of document needed , that is permit of the manaslu. manaslu restrication permit, manaslu conservatrion area fee(MCAP) Annpuarna conservation area fee(ACAP). In the package trip it is included. Total permit cost of manaslu $110 usd per person. In the cases of the unpack age trip there is service charge extra $50 usd per person. so without pakcage permit cost with service charge and tax per person $160 usd.
How much a night in lodge ?
Lodges rare is average per day $3-$6 usd. 
Dear sir, if you have any confusion about the price, guide, lodges, permit in the manaslu trekking , please write us, we give immediately answers. Since we are specialization the manaslu trekkking, we are very dedicatged about the ansers and services. Keep and touch. 
Best regards, 
Naba Thapa

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