15 day manaslu trekking itinerary

15 day manaslu trekking itinerary

15 day manaslu trek  has more flexible and have more chance to visit many areas, specially for the site trip. we design and custom the itinerary. This 15 days manaslu tea house trekking itinerary make a fit for your body and without hurry. Chances to see the beautiful views of the manaslu mountain and village, acclimatization. we give highly recommendation fifteen days manaslu trekking itinerary. It is not necessary walking down from Dharapani because there is a direct jeep service to Benshiar. we can give you the highly discount or promotional prices on the occasion of the booking manaslu trekking with us.
15 day manaslu trekking itinerary:
1. Kathmandu to Arughat
2. Arughat to Lapu Benshi
3. Lapu Benshi to Dhulo Dhunga
4. Thulo dhunga to Philim
5. Philim to Deng
6. Deng to Ghat
7. Ghat to Lho
8. Lho to Samagaon
9. Samagaon rest day
10. Sama gaon to samdo
11. Samdo Rest day
12. Samdo to Dhrmashala
13. Dharmshala to Bhimtang
14. Bhimtang to Dharapani
15. Dharapani to kathmandu

15 days itinerary is difference than other normal itinerary of the manaslu trekking. 15 days itinerary include 2 days rest , one day is Samagaon and next day is Samdo. Also this itinerary is different than normal itinerary because there , Ghat and Lho are the tea house point. 

15 day manaslu trekking rushes, you have chance to explore the site trip to manaslu. You have chance to explore the pro village there is also lake. Pro village is famous for the apple gardening  and hidden cultural background. There are monastery , mysterious culture, local village house where you have chances to hanging with local people. You know more knowledge from your own solubility with the local. Your manaslu trekking guide will help you  verify and interpretation the things. After the namrung routes of the trekking more easier than before  however 15 minutes slightly up after the Namrung to reach Li village then again after the Lho village 10 minutes descend and again 30 minutes up to the shyla village. Trekking guide is the supervisor of the trekkers , he  observe your condition in the trail and give advise . Journey is very interesting  before reaching the destination but  trekkers stay measurement of the day and must be controlled the speed. 15 days manaslu trekking  helps to micro and macro level of the culture and biodiversity of the people. After phillim and Deng we feel the bhotiya people in  that areas. From the Lhi and Lho village we see the dreamy scenery suppose  heaven on the earth. Because of the tea house trekking, is is enough just  hiring one porter. Porter will carry your  bag pack, you just carry your light bag and enjoy the photos, chatting with local.
Samagaon is the main in the views of the base of the mount. Manaslu 8 the highest mountain in the world. In 1956 Japanese expedition team  first climb the mount. Manaslu. Samagaon more highlighting due to the manaslu himal, Birendra lake and monastery. Samagaon  is a small valley there are bee hive types of the house clustering . They are Tibetan tribes and from Tibet  which is very near from there. 15 days manaslu trekking has one day rest in the manaslu village at that time to explore the manaslu base camp,Local village, Birendra Lake, Monastery also that makes help to acclimatization to prepare the larkya successful pass.
 From samagaon to samdo just 3 hours walking distance through the flat valley and farming field. Some sparse forest, Main walls, views of Himal chuli and manaslu makes more scenic. You can reach samdo village in lauch time from samagaon.I heard from the guide and local people –“Samagaon people mt. manaslu is their mountain, and people from samdo said Larkya la, larkya phedi(larkya base camp) are their village property.  Samagaon village development committee has only two vdc samagaon and samdo . From Samdo  there are Tibetan boarder , Larkya bazzar , you can  visit there. Local people from samagaon and samdo going to bring foods, grains, daily using things from Tibetan market. They used to ride a horse to go neighboring market. 15 days itinerary of the manaslu tea house trekking have one day rest in samdo also so that you have excellent site seeing, balance the physical level, acclimatization.
Dharmashala is just 3 hours  up about 500 m up this is the preparation point for the larkya pass. Local people of the samdo directly pass to larkya la from their village. People from the samdo  mostly take a route of larkya pass to go pokhara and Kathmandu. In the days 2 they reach Dharapani then they ride a Jeep to Benshiar from there. After November next site of the pass more snow and become more snowy. So they use the trail from  Arughat. From Dharmashala it is better to starting trekking to Bhitang at 5 AM. In the evening it is better to pay your bill and order the breakfast for the next morning. Since  tea house building larkya base camp Dhramashala tea house trekking manaslu flourished.  People from samdo give a rent for the space to make a lodge at the Dharmashala for the people of the outsiders. It is better to carry the snacks Mars bar on the way to top larkya la and down up to the Bhimtang. You beginning to imagining to feel a free after reaching the Bhimtang. Then , you can celebrated the success of the manalu pass there.

From Bhimtang way is down with the forest, chirping birds and murmuring  brooks again you can visualize the manaslu and Annapurna Himalayan ranges.  Then down to karche , enjoy there a lodges which is middle of the forest wide garden. Next day down to Dharapani stay one night and amazing trip to the Manaslu , memorize the eyes , views and activity their back to the Benshiar and Kathmandu.

easy, comort, acclimatization , researching the places, village , chatting with locals this                    15 days itinerary will be suitable every age and kinds of the person.

Latest Inquiry about manaslu trek

I'm planning to do Manaslu Trek on Spring this year (open for detailed date)
So I'm looking for agency wich can provide:
all paperwork (permits, TIMS bus tickets etc)
local guide (including his food and accomodation costs)
travel from KTM and to KTM
I don't need: porters, hotel in KTM etc
And I also will prefer to pay independently for my food and accomodation during the trek.

I know that minimal number of people in treking group in manaslu region is 2, but probably I would like to go alone (+ Guide of course). Is it possible if I pay permit for 2 people, but go alone with a guide?

If You can provide service i'm looking for, please send me your offert.

Best regards!

Dear Jakub,
Thanks for inquiry about manaslu trekking. My house is in lower manaslu areas and guide there since many years.of course, it is possible pay the permit for two people go alone  with guide. i mange you best guide , perhaps i go if time permit me.
15 days manaslu trekking itinerary is best even it is possible 12 days tough walking. You can pay your food , guide pay himself.
altogether, cost $800 usd( sorry i mention previous mail $700 usd) usd for the transportation, permit ,extra permit, timms card,guide, Manaslu entry fee, goverment tax, service charge.  Annapurna entry fee.
Keep and touch. if you have any question about the price, service , itinerary please contact me.
Best regards,

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