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Hiring a Local  trekking guide

Local Guide for Manaslu trekking Region
Why you hire a Guide in Manaslu trekking region?
As great Himalaya website Says below about the local Guide:

("Local trekking guides can make for a local experience. Whenever you go trekking, it’s always a good idea to see if your trekking crew have a local person on board. It’s not the same as speaking the language, and asking directions. It is more about knowing the place, knowing what and who is around the next corner, what happens where and the stories a place has to tell.
It’s not always easy to find one however! The most able people often leave the hills and head to the city or overseas for work. So it requires some effort – and only by trekkers asking their trekking companies about this, will more consistent, secure work as local guides begin to come about. Supply will follow demand. This in addition to useful training courses which help guides provide better services.")

Experience trekking guide Naba Thapa from Manaslu village:
Naba Thapa was born in historical gorkha in 1980 A.D, Next to the Gorkha palace called Nareshwor village. Since small he used to see many tourist who are heading up to the  manaslu larkya pass and Rupi Nala pass trekking. That time was completely organised camping trekking who camp  the ground of the school of Nareshowr village. Naba already thinking become a trekking guide and showing his birth places and upper manaslu village, their culture. Local people from samagaon used to carry medicinal plant  to sell the Gorkha bazzar. They cook the food themselves, and wear tibetan dress, so local people of the lower manaslu areas says them 'Bhote'. 
From Nareshwor village can see the Manaslu ranges, Himalchuli, Ganesh himal, Annapurna , Fishtail. Naba's Grand father's father used to Larkya Bazzar to buy a salt. Actually larkya Bazzar is the upper part of the Gorkha and bordering to Tibet.  On the Bank of the Buri Gandaki River to the larkya Bazzar , there are small and big all together Eighteen hundred river brooks mix in the Big Budhi Gandaki river. Naba become very happy to be a local guide of the manaslu trekking region. Arughat to Samagaon and Samdo are Naba's neighboring  village.Because of the experience  manaslu trekking guide in Nepal , Naba make home stay for the tourist his own village Manaslu gorkha. Naba got Government certified license in 2003 and permit to guide all the restriction area like a manaslu. Naba's graduated from university of Nepal and been different trekking areas of Nepal as well as. Specially Naba become more happy and proud when he got trip in Manaslu region . 

My Trekking guide license from Government of Nepal.

How much  for the trekking guide hiring cost:
we have Guide has been experience more than 10 years in the manaslu trekking as well as many other trekking  areas in Nepal. Trekking guide cost ranges $ 30 usd  to $40 usd  per day basic. 

How i book the  trekking guide for the trekking:
You can email us about the trip and your curiosity. we heard you and according to the your time and budget we can design your manaslu trekking. After  you like our quoting  then you can Hiring  a trekking guide  can pay by  visa card, credit card , master card or by the cash. 

Why with us trekking in the manaslu areas?

We are local people from the manaslu region. Since childhood to now , we are familiar with the people of Manaslu as well as the geography, trail condition, Local culture, history. We have many feed back from our previous customer. we operating the trip in a promotional prices. We have authorises trekking agency for the permit and documentation in the manaslu areas. we are like a club of the Manaslu trekking guide.we believe you will happy than your expectations. 

Inspiration environment to become the guide in the manaslu
we use to see many tourist with big camera and hat. some of our villagers used to speak English with them. we see many porters carrying big luggage , kerosene gallineo , tent. many number of the group trekkers we did observed some of our friends also speak English, that make us jealous and we also try speak English. We know only there are going to Himal, we didnot know they are going to manaslu trekking and larkya pass.  

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