manaslu trekking by Naba

manaslu trekking by Naba
Trekking Guide naba in manaslu Lho village with customer

Manaslu trekking guide

Manaslu trekking Guide

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Manaslu trekking guide need a government liec. Indirectly they are non paid ambassador because immigration office sent a guide with the trekkers. Due to the restriction areas , minimum 2 people in a group and 1 authorized trekking guide from the ministry of the tourism needed for this trekking. There are police check post Phillim, namrung, samga gaon and samdo, they check the guide license , trekkers permit, permit validity date. Manaslu trekking guide entry the permit and shows their detail document. Due to the proximity with the Tibetan boarder , there is restrication areas permit in the manaslu areas. some blog , some guide book recommendation the manaslu trekking guide. It is not compulsion to become the local guide but manaslu trekking guide must be experience about the route, culture, first aid, government licensee holder.

I meet the three group people they are without guide. They give a trekking guide money to the agency but they didnot take a guide. Check point at jagat, phone the agency and told they send a guide for the trekking.

In Sama gaon Manaslu area conservation areas listing the Name of the trekking agency who are not sent a guide with the customer.
Best manaslu  Guide:
          Nabain gurung who is from the manaslu trekking areas have more capacity to happy the customer by the nature. Naturally, he is friendly , innocent, loyal for his profession. He did more than 5 trekking from our agency with different customers in the world and set a record as a excellent guide. He have a round faces similar to the people of the upper manaslu areas. Mr. Nabain already 10 years in trekking experience in Nepal . he love his profession as a guide very much. Most of the trekking agency demanded him very much due to his dedication, honest behavior. So, he have regular job he got specially in the manaslu areas. We also explain other guide they are also equally significant as others.

One time one trekkers of the three three person group become extremely sick in samdo, he ask the helicopters very soon in the emergency condition, She become recovered because of his sense of the experience.He give orientation about the altitude sickness and physical fitness in the trip. Beside the manaslu , he have been many region in the decade of the trekking experience.In the case of the normal sickness condition he is like a mountain doctor. Trekkers have many feedback about his efficiency of the service. He is also funny people , love sing and dance  and make a environment for dance his fellow trekkers. He go to the kitchen in tea house  and help to make the food in the local lodge.  

What is the cost of the hiring Guide?
It is generally cost $30 usd for hiring the guide 

How to hire a manaslu trekking guide?
Who will be my manaslu trekking guide?

Best manaslu guide those are visit the all the manaslu areas trekking and know the things which are not wrote in the Guide book.Historical fort, ethnic group, Hindus caste system, untouch group  are prevalent in the lower manaslu trekking areas. Also well known village Barpak which is highlighted in the Gorkha district as a home stay village. 

What is the connection point of the lower and upper manslu trekking , guide must be know this. Khorala benshi is the joining point of the lower and upper manaslu trekking. Also via rupina la pass you can join the upper manaslu trail at phewa. It is very important to make a tea house trekking on the section of the rupina la to grow the number of the tourist. 
Those who are related and knows more things about manaslu areas this or that person also researching the new things which  and exposing the mysterious that perosn is a manaslu trekking guide. One must be taking a training from the ministry of tourism of the additional skill to support the guest dealing and service.

One person phone me about the inquiry about  the manslu trekking. By the phone i noticed he is very experience about the Nepal and trekking. He told me he will come for the face to face talk and inquiry at 5 PM. then i wait office looking forward him then i Phone myself. first time phone will not received. second  effort of phone calling then he received and told according to the google map , your office is not your saying direction.

     when i meet him face to face then ask the question and house of the manaslu areas. then he ask me about the other guides house, i told them it is the surrounding of the manaslu trekking areas. i try to describe about the itinerary of the manaslu. they heard me just for the formality , actually they already been there and specialized , research the manaslu trekking areas. Specially i show my home town address in the manaslu trekking map then they departure from there.

Faq about manaslu trekking guide:
Naba Thapa,Manaslu trek guide

1. How i hiring a guide for manaslu trekking?
-You can contact us for manaslu trekking trekking. It is the manaslu trekking guide agency where you will find very excellent guide of the manaslu. in the hirring there are many method, mostly many agency in Kathmandu accept booking with pacakge trip. but our agency make a permit of the manaslu  without package also. we take service charge and reasonable tax vat which is charge of Government. food, lodge, Transportation according to your wish , you can pay yourself.

2. what is the cost for manaslu trekking guide?
Actual cost of the manaslu trekking guide $30 usd per day. This money cover Guide insurance, food, transpiration during the trip of the manaslu trek Nepal.if it is booking package trip, the cost of the trek guide will be included in the package.

3.Who will be Guide for my Manaslu trekking
Actually, Mr. naba Thapa is the manaslu trekking guide. He have other his friend who are already did the manaslu circuit trek Nepal. Our agency in kathmandu has many guide who are well knowledge, experience about manaslu trekking. They can translate the local language and help to communicate with local villagers at the trail of the manaslu trekking.

4. How to Choose the manaslu trek Guide?
-First can question about the manaslu trekking route, culture, trail condition. After that Work experience, training and sill. how he dealing  and speaking , then you have ideas to choose the Guide. in our agency there are more than 5 Guides who have qualified for good communication and experience many years.

5. Who insurance the Guide?
Trekking agency who operate the manaslu trekking insurance the guide. Insurance will valid up to 6 months.
manaslu trek guide, Naba Thapa

Around manaslu village there are lots of people working as the tourism.boundrary of manaslu from Arughat  in the north east and south west separated by the marshyandhi river. Generally permit of restriction areas places called upper manaslu trekking. in the lower manaslu Barpak Barpak is the april earthquake epicenter of april earthquake. also it is the historical village. headquarters of gorkha district is Gorkha which is old capital of nepal. iam from Gorkha bazzar of the manaslu areas administrator or district headquarters. in the manaslu trekking  map there are mentioning our home town. we proud to say ourself as a manaslu trekking guide. we like to promotion the manaslu tourism by the advertising and nice information.  

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