manaslu trekking by Naba

manaslu trekking by Naba
Trekking Guide naba in manaslu Lho village with customer

14 day manaslu trekking

14 day manaslu trekking

14 day manaslu trekking is also comfort. In this itinerary you have chance 1 day stay in Samagaon and one more days for the site trip for the Manaslu base camp, tour in manaslu samagaon village , monastery and Birendra lake. In this 14 days itinerary, you have great chance to rest another full one day in samdo. Near from the samdo you can visit near  the Tibetan boarder. if you still like more site trip and  reserach the manaslu you can add one or two extra days. Also extra days have power acclimatization fully than the regular and traditional itinerary. Many trekkers feel comfort and feel happy in 14 days itinerary of the manaslu trip.
14 days manaslu trek itinerry

This time you can go upto sotikhola instead  Arughat. you can get the sharing jeep  if you join in the group. In measurement of the alpine forest and traditional houses, culture manaslu trekking section samagaon, shyla, Lho village are more beautiful. Larkya Bazzar is just around the samdo there  was big salt trading center between Tibet and Nepal.

Hotel in samdo one old man said, from the lower gorkha, neighboring other district people used to come samdo and Larkya bazzar for salt trading business. after hearing this things in my memory i  question, why this time not like before, not still salt trading activity. I read one newspaper  that after Dalai lama exile to india , china closed the boarder, then salt trading business also closed. so, down to manaslu or starting point of the trekking to the larkya bazzar we are heading to the  historical salt trading route. to go manang and gorkha post man also frequently using the route larkya la. Mount. manaslu periphery we are trekking, it is the 8 big mountain in the planet and climbing by the Japanese expedition team in 1956. After this there are many expedition every year happening. manaslu is the fourth danger mountain to climb in the risky category.
14 days manaslu trek itinerary

      Why said this mountain Manaslu. we frequently have got a question, manaslu means benevolent soul. Tea house trekking become more popular and popular in the manaslu areas trekking. This areas opening for the outside visitors since 1991. was more camping possible before but since 5 years tea house trekking or lodge staying and eating style can do the whole manaslu trekking Nepal.

14 days Manaslu trek itinerary:
1.Kathmandu to Sotikhola by bus
2.sotikhola to Machhikhola
3.Machikhola to Jagat
4.Jagat to Deng
5.Deng to Namrung
6.Namrung to Samagaon
7.Samagaon rest day
8.Samagaon to Samdo
9.Rest day in Samdo
10.Samdo to Dharmashala
11.Dharmashala to Bhimtang
12.Bhimtang to Kharche
13.Kharche to Dharpani
14.Dharapani to Benshiar and Kathmandu.

14 days manaslu trek permit
People are confusing about to take a permit of manaslu region. some people think 14 days permit cost will be double of one week permit. Because 14 days are two week. if one week permit of manasu trek $70 usd in September, October and November. Most of the people may not have idea ,how to take a permit or how many days permit of manaslu region will be fit and suitalbe.
Permit counting place beginning from Jagat and Last of permit check place is is take just 5 days to reach samdo.
14 days manaslu trek itinerary

Inquiry of the 14 days Manaslu trek Nepal
Jun 28 (2 days ago)

to me 
Hi can we please have a quote for the cost of a Manaslu trek?

- 2 people
- starting Oct 3 or 4
- we need a guide 
- we do not need a porter

What is included in the cost? Meals? Permits?

Thank you

Dear LIsa, 
Thanks for the inquiry about Manaslu trekking.It is really very great to heard  because iam from also Manaslu region and i like to specialize this trek. I think you already know the permits of the Manaslu. 
Manaslu restriction, MCAP,ACAP And Timms card. for the 14 days trip with permit,Guide, Accommodation, Transportation , food in the Mountain(Three meals) cost $1000 usd per person. 

    if you donot like to package trip , also possible to hire a Guide and Permit only. I have blog , where you can see about the Guide Hiring
Please let me know about your idea and any kinds of the question. 
Keep and touch
It is better no rush in manaslu trekking

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